Learn the fundamental concepts behind modern coding using Scratch, a simple drag-and-drop programming language and global online community where children can programme and share stories, games, and animation. Lessons are 1 Hour.

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Our course is designed to cultivate children’s creative thinking, collaborative skills and critical reasoning via this easy-to-understand platform – teaching the essentials of programming in a fun, interactive and accessible way.


Scratch 1: Year 1-2

Scratch 1 covers the fundamental components of Scratch – learning basic coding skills through the programming language’s blocks of motion, sound, visual effects, events, control, sensors, operations, and data variables. No prior experience with Scratch, or coding of any form, is necessary for enrolment.


Scratch 2: Year 3-4

Scratch 2 builds upon the foundations laid by Scratch 1 – challenging students with more elaborate applications in larger, more complex projects. This course is best suited to Scratch 1 graduates or students with demonstrated coding proficiency.