Work with hands on VEXIQ programmable robotics systems. Build your first robot and watch it come alive and perform functional tasks while learning key STEM skills that easily transition into the real world. Opportunities to enter competitions and challenges as you progress.

Lessons are 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.

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Students will experience modern robotics development first-hand, experimenting with design, construction and testing iterations through Vex IQ, a snap-together robotics building system designed especially for junior engineers to understand how coding brings items to life.


Robotics Programming 1: Year 1-3

Robotics 1 explores the fundamentals of basic design, construction and software development principles. No prior robotics experience is necessary for this course, but concurrent enrolment in any Scratch course is beneficial.


Robotics Programming 2: Year 4+

Robotics 2 builds upon the foundations laid by Robotics 1 to work towards more complex, high-performance programming solutions. Concurrent Scratch 2 enrolment is highly recommended for this course.


Your child could also have the opportunity to participate in National Robotics competitions