For students looking to advance their coding skills, our Python courses offer an in-depth exploration of this high-level yet accessible interpreted programming language.

Lessons are 1 Hour

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Commonly used in the software development industry, Python has gained popularity for its code readability, ease of use, and widespread application purposes – making it an excellent choice for students aiming to gain a greater understanding of programming.


Python Level 1

Python 1 covers the fundamentals of Python programming – applying the logic learnt through our Scratch courses to explore this more advanced programming language. Students will learn about key coding structures like variables, conditionals and loops, before progressing to intermediate material such as keyword parameters, list comprehensions, lambda expressions and class inheritance. This course is best suited to students with demonstrated coding proficiency, with concurrent Scratch 2 enrolment recommended.


Python Level 2

Python 2 builds upon the foundations laid by Python 1, challenging students with more complex programming projects – including concepts related to algorithms, and the impact they have on speed and memory efficiency. This course is best suited to Python 1 graduates.