Chinese – HSKK – Learn To Speak

BNK’s comprehensive HSKK Chinese courses offer an immersive gateway towards learning  mastery of the Chinese language.

Lessons are 1 Hour.

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With our HSKK Chinese course and private tutoring options, our curriculum is sourced from several renowned Chinese language institutions, including Princeton University’s Chinese Language Programme and HSKK, China’s standardised language proficiency test.


Guided by our highly experienced teachers, our fun and interactive classes aim to support students throughout their Chinese language journey, from basics like learning to count to debating wide-ranging societal issues – all in a positive, nurturing, and open-minded environment.


Chinese HSKK

Aimed at Chinese language novices, this elementary-level course introduces phonetics and commonly used expressions, giving students a vital grounding in the basics of spoken Chinese Mandarin.


We will use real-world situations to teach students how to communicate in everyday situations – including general topics of conversation such as how to describe yourself, the weather, hobbies, food items, telling the time, city life, and how to ask for prices.


These spoken exercises are augmented with a curated selection of reading materials and practice activities that ensure the course is as rich and varied as possible, making for a diverse and interesting programme designed to captivate and stimulate new learners.